Malaysia: The New Monster Island?

Malaysian Monster!

from Sploid

The rotting remains of a 20-foot-long monster have been found by fisherman in a remote Malaysian village.

Arbain Salleh, who says he has fished the area for 20 years, said he's never seen anything like it.

Salleh dug out about 5 feet of the skeleton and says he'll soon pull the rest of the mystery beast from the muck.

Frightened villagers first tried to dismiss the weird bones as a saltwater crocodile, but a local sorcerer who specializes in hunting the sea crocs said Salleh's monster is nothing like a crocodile.

Officers from the government's fishing ministry have seen the thing, and they're equally mystified.

"It's like nothing I’ve seen before, but these are partial remains so I don’t want to speculate," one fishing official told the New Straits Times.

The Fisheries Research Institute in Terengganu will take the remains and try to figure out the creature's origin through DNA testing.

Lobster monsters and a local Bigfoot creature have recently been found in Malaysia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay I know it's been four years since this event happened, but I have this imaginary friend thing going on so I'm just trying to humor him. He says the name of that monster is Elimon. I don't know what you guys are calling that thing, I just know that I want him to be real so bad. Fuck I could probably write a novel and timetravel in meditation and still wouldn't know if he is real or not. I just have some faith that someone will help me find out. A start is finding out if this thing is called the elimon monster, the elimonster etcera.

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