Kraken Attack!

Giant Octopups Attack

from Sploid

Canadian scientists watched in terror as a giant octopus attacked their tiny submarine in the Pacific Ocean - and the whole frightening encounter was videotaped.

The 100-pound monstrosity came out of the dark waters and latched on to the $200,000 remote-controlled sub, scientists said.

The beast was a fully grown adult male giant Pacific octopus. With a horrible "parrot beak" for a mouth, the monster's bite has a pressure of more than 1,000 pounds per square inch ... enough to leave the costly robot submarine in little pieces.

"I go full reverse and blast him with all these seabed particles," said Mike Wood of the shocking attack. "Finally, he lets go and disappears off into the gloom. It was desperation. It's a $200,000 machine, and it's not insured."

Wood runs SubOceanic Sciences Canada in British Columbia.

Awww...look at that face! He just wants a hug! He's like the Richard Simmons of invertebrates...


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