Vampire Witch Back in Prison

Ukraine Vampire Caught Bleeding Kids Again

from Sploid

The notorious vampire woman of Odessa has been arrested again...and this time, cops say she's working for a powerful Satanic cult called "Red Dragon."

Twenty-nine-year-old Diana Semenuha was first arrested in March and charged with giving illegal drugs to homeless children.

The Black Sea port city has about 200,000 street kids, and many of them are addicted to sniffing glue or anything else to dull their pain and hunger.

Semenuha lured kids to her home and got them drunk on vodka and doped up on glue fumes. Then she used a syringe to steal their blood. The Telegraph
reported last year that she "believed that drinking blood could fend off a muscle-wasting condition."

But she was also selling the human blood to the city's many black magicians, as well as conducting her own
blood rituals for profit.

The vampire apparently was released from jail because the victims were all street kids who vanished before a court could hear their testimony.

Cops tracked her down from local newspaper ads this month, in which she offered $600 blood rituals under the name "Mr. Krait."

Police chief Victor Balan told the Interfax news agency she was arrested again on Saturday.

"As it turned out during the investigation, there is an organization in Odessa called 'Red Dragon,'" Interfax reported today. "Its members performed black magic rituals using human blood. The leader of this Satanic group has been identified. He collected all the money rank-and-file Satanists made out of black magic."

Police say the children survived the blood-pumping because the vampire dumped them back on the streets when they weakened. Semenuha kept her victims strapped down while she drained their blood.

"Detectives found seven drugged children strapped to beds and benches, and a large, black knife and silver goblet engraved with satanic symbols," the Telegraph reported from Odessa.

"I let them sniff glue, but I paid for it and took a small amount of blood in return," the vampire witch
said in her defense. "But there was no violence involved, I also fed them and gave them shelter."


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