Bag O. Bones

Suitcase Filled with Human Bones Mysteriously Appears in Cemetery

from Wave 3

LOUISVILLE - Louisville metro homicide detectives have a mystery on their hands, but they don't know if it's a prank or a deadly crime, after bones were found in a suitcase dropped off at a city cemetery.

A worker doing routine maintenance at Calvary Cemetery in the 1600 block of Newburg Road found the suitcase on a hillside near granite markers.

Officials said they knew the bones were human as soon as they opened the luggage.

The case is an antique, with a faded sticker on the side. It was found upright, with a decoration - or perhaps, signal - resting on top. Flowers were placed nearby.

"There was a hat on the suitcase and the flowers, we don't know if they belonged actually to the suitcase or some other place, we don't know," said Fajardo.

LMPD homicide detectives say they are conducting a corpse investigation.

The coroner's office says the bones are very old. Even if an autopsy and investigation by the medical examiner's office reveal that no crime occurred in the death, police will consider filing abuse of corpse charges, a felony.


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