Checkmate, You BITCH!

Aliens Deluxe Chess Set

from Cinescape

Featuring chess pieces made of solid, nearly unbreakable pewter and a beautifully designed resin chess board, the Aliens Deluxe Pewter Chess Set is one of the highest quality and most impressive chess sets ever manufactured. Featuring the space marines versus the aliens, this chess set captures the mood and design of the original Alien sequel, James Cameron's Aliens.

The human side of the board features the design of the space station from the movie, while the sides of the board represent the gradual infestation of the station by the aliens. Within the infestation are human victims, either awaiting a face hugger or perhaps incubation an alien warrior.

This chess set will be available in two versions: one with painted pewter pieces and an even more limited version featuring polished pewter pieces.

The suggested retail price of the Aliens Deluxe Chess Set is $374.99. This product is scheduled for shipment in February 2006.


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