'She Turned Me into a Newt!'

And POOF! He was a jackass.

The Blair Witch Project

from Sploid

Cherie Blair's weird world of witchcraft has been revealed, and Downing Street is trying desperately to change the subject.

The Times of India reports:

Exactly a fortnight after Cherie Blair wowed Delhi with her apparently India-centric fashion sense and down-to-earth attitude to life in 'the goldfish bowl' of 10, Downing Street as wife of the British Prime Minister, she has newly been outed as a firm believer in witchcraft, Eastern-inspired 'New Age mumbo jumbo' and weird practices involving incantations over her husband's hair locks and nail clippings.

It said Cherie remains deeply attached to a practice borrowed from white witchcraft, which directs her to cast a circle to create "sacred space" in a symbolic act of magic designed to ward off evil.

And in the final revelation of kookie practices afoot at No 10, author Paul Scott says a prime minister in hock to his "New Age" wife, always keeps a grey velvet pouch in his breast pocket. The pouch, which contains a small piece of red ribbon and a piece of rolled-up paper, is a deep, impenetrable secret even to his closest advisers, but Tony cannot operate without it, says Scott.

From today's London Independent:

Mrs. Blair, a human rights lawyer, has long been the subject of claims about her fondness for weird and wonderful treatments, ranging from a Mayan rebirthing ceremony to eating strawberry leaves to cure swollen ankles. But a book published yesterday about the Blairs has taken tales of odd practices inside the prime ministerial household to new extremes.

Such was the eyebrow-raising nature of the claims made in Tony And Cherie, A Special Relationship that Downing Street issued a forthright denial.

The book, written by Paul Scott, a journalist, uses alleged conversations with members of the couple's entourage to paint a picture of Mrs. Blair as ambitious and intelligent but in the thrall of a series of bizarre practices.


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