The New Age of Sekhmet?
Domains: Death, Destruction, War

Lion-Headed Goddess Found in Egypt!

from Sploid

Egyptians are horrified at the discovery of six ancient statues of Sekhmet beneath a temple in Luxor.

That's because the lion-headed Sekhmet is known and feared as the Lady of Slaughter and the Bringer of Plagues.

According to the Book of Re, Sekhmet destroyed all of humanity once before. Ever since, Egyptians have lived in terror that She would eventually return.

Archaeologists announced their stunning find on Monday in Cairo. The Egyptian and German team was only doing routine restoration work on the temple of Pharaoh Amenhotep III when they stumbled upon the six massive black-granite statues of the vengeful goddess of war and death.

Amenhotep III collected statues of the fearsome monster god because he believed She would fix his health problems. She didn't, and he died.

Sekhmet was the war goddess of Upper Egypt. After Lower Egypt was conquered and consumed by the neighboring dynasty, She became the most powerful war goddess of all.

Statues of Sekhmet are said to be so powerful that ancient priests coated them with anthrax to keep desperate thieves away -- those who tried to make Sekhmet their own were instead killed by the deadly biological weapon.

Her constant wrath led to Egyptian men to believe she controlled female menstruation, as well.


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