My Gargoyle Went to Mount Rushmore & All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

Gargoyle Returns from Vacation

from The Associated Press

FAIRFAX, VT - Gargy the gargoyle had a great vacation. But he isn't talking.

In June, someone swiped one of the stone gargoyles at the end of Sally Beyor's driveway in Fairfax, Vermont.

A couple of weeks ago Gargy was back. Beyor has no idea who took the stone ornament. She says there was a note with Gargy, a $20 bill, and snapshots of his vacation.

Beyor found pictures of her gargoyle at places like Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park.

She says it looks like he had a good trip but she's glad he's back.


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