Another Trek Prequel?!? Have They Learned Nothing?

If at first you don't succeed, make the same mistakes again: Um...no ship, no established characters, and an Archer-era (yawn - excuse me) prequel, again. Three strikes, I'm out.

New Trek Prequel Coming?

from Sci-Fi Wire

Writer Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers) told Dreamwatch magazine that he's turned in a draft for a proposed new Star Trek prequel movie to Paramount, according to a report on the TrekWeb site.

"I'm excited about this project, and I think the chances of it getting made are good," Jendresen told the magazine. "It all depends on what the studio thinks, and Paramount has been through significant changes lately. But the people who are making the decisions are pretty responsible folk with a fine body of work behind them. So we'll see. Right now, I'm optimistic."

Jendresen said the film is tentatively titled Star Trek: The Beginning, produced by Rick Berman, Kerry McCluggage, and Jordan Kerner. Berman has said the film won't use any existing Trek characters and will be a prequel to the original series

Jendresen elaborates: "This would take place just a couple of years after the end of the events in Enterprise, but well before the original series, and it would look at the inciting incident that started everything. The story is big and epic, and it isn't as antiseptic as the television stories had to be."

Jendresen added that the movie won't be centered on a ship. "We're looking at a very small group of men and women, particularly focusing on one character," he said. "There are a couple of ships, including a principal ship, but this is not a traditional captain-and-crew-of-a-starship story in the least."


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