Something Strange Lurks in Loch Ness...And Her Name Is Lucy!

Loch Ness Monster TV Stunt Fools Nessie-Hunters

from AFP

LONDON - Loch out! Hundreds of stunned tourists were duped into thinking they had seen Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster, the television pranksters behind the stunt revealed.

The legendary creature, said to live in the Highland lake's murky depths, has attracted Nessie-hunters to the shoreline for decades, eager for a glimpse of the mystery being.

Around 600 people got just what they were looking for when they saw a 16-foot (five-metre) beast rise through the water.

However, Britain's Channel Five television admitted Tuesday that the startling vision was actually a 440-pound animatronic model named Lucy which had roamed the loch for a fortnight.

The results were filmed for a forthcoming programme on Nessie.

The television channel said the public reaction ranged from those utterly convinced they had seen the legendary beast and those who know a fibre-glass and polyurethane rubber hoax when they see one.

'YAAARRRRRRRRRR! Heh! But seriously, folks. How's everyone doing? Anyone from out of town?'


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