'And Then She Stuffed Me Inside Her Giant Vagina...'

Originally a bondage scene?

Now Read Gulliver's 'Porn' Travels

from Sify News

LONDON - A Russian book publisher has claimed that the original version of Gulliver's Travels was a pornographic novel, and features the protagonist in steamy encounters with 6inch tall Lilliputians and working as a sex toy for 60-foot giants.

The Erotic Adventures of Lemuel Gulliver, which went on sale in Moscow book stores this weekend, is marketed by Neonilla Samukhina from St. Petersburg, who said that she bought the version from the Ford family, who were descendants of a close friend of author Jonathan Swift.

"They had tried in the past to get it published but had never been believed that it was genuine, and I was skeptical, but historians have authenticated the age of the material and even style of writing," Fox News quoted her as saying.

The book reportedly has Gulliver describing how Lilliput women give him and themselves sexual pleasure.


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