Cadaverific Exhibit Close to Death

Florida AG May Scuttle Cadaver Exhibit

from The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. - A decision by Florida's attorney general Friday could scuttle plans for a controversial museum exhibit featuring human bodies preserved and posed to reveal their inner workings.

The board that oversees the use of human specimens at Florida's medical schools wants proof that the deceased or their families authorized the use of the bodies.

The Tampa Museum of Science and Industry argues that the Anatomical Board doesn't have jurisdiction.

Attorney General Charlie Crist weighed in Friday, writing that because the purpose of "BODIES: The Exhibition" is educational, "it is my opinion that the approval of the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida is required."

What that means for the future of the Tampa exhibit, scheduled to open Aug. 20, remains to be seen.

Museum President Wit Ostrenko said Friday the exhibition would open as scheduled. But on Thursday, Arnie Geller, president and CEO of Premier Exhibitions, the Atlanta promoter of the exhibit, said the documentation the board wants would be impossible to obtain because the identities are unknown.

The bodies were obtained legally but belonged to Chinese people who died unidentified or unclaimed by family members and were preserved at the Dalian Medical University of Plastination Laboratories in China.

"BODIES: The Exhibition" features 20 cadavers and 260 other parts preserved with a process that replaces human tissue with silicone rubber. Skin is removed, exposing muscles, bones, organs, tendons, blood vessels and brains.

Tampa is to be the U.S. debut for the exhibit.


Anonymous MOSI_Fan_Tutte said...

I am in Florida and was following the story. I found out what is not dislosed in the media coverage that this is a public company. It turns out Von Hagen is a competitor of Premier Exhibitions and I immediately suspected some connections between Von Hagen and the flap over the Tampa show.

I saw the show the first minute the doors opened and went to immediate work when I got home. I am a very creative investor and I look under rocks where others fear to go. I'm often successfully contrarian and I felt something was up here. In researching this, I realized I won't have to be contrarian, but, in this case, just one step ahead of the Street and the investing public.

This is the first time I've had a chance to find an incredible stock and really kick the tires at such a critical juncture in its history. I found out the company that is putting on the Bodies show in Tampa is publicly traded as PXHB and they are also the same company that salvaged the Titanic artifacts and exhibits them around the world.

I was shocked to find out they are profitable and growing and it is still under $2 a share.

Everyone in Florida knows about the Bodies show at the Museum of Science & Industry - MOSI - in Tampa now. The crowds are already breaking box office records.

I went on the first day on Thursday and spent all Thursday night researching this company, Premier Exhibitions, and I started buying the stock Friday




I found this shareholder conference call. It is amazing


They are tripling their exhibition schedule in the next 6 months to a half dozen each of Titanic & Body shows running SIMULTANEOUSLY! Twice a year.

That is two dozen shows a year producing on average a million plus dollars profit each. This company has less than 30 million shares outstanding.

By my calculations, in the next year they could earn as much as 75 cents to a full dollar per share and this stock is trading under $2 now and PXHB.OB could be trading at $20-30 in 12-18 months.

I think the company is prohibited from promoting their stock symbol at the museum so most don't realize an enormous investment opportunity is under their noses. The share price is severely undervalued (sure, I bought some, so I have a vested interest now too!)

Go google the recent events:


and you can see some small minded folks tried to stock the show. Florida attorney general Crist backed off and said he will not enforce the board ruling. The show goes on and there is nothing they do now. Like I said, you can't buy publicity like this.

This is the first time I've found a stock this undervalued that I can clearly see is going to explode in earnings and get enormous free publicity from now on.

I believe you are correct about the flimsiness of some of the objections raised over the show and it appears the court of public opinion is already on the company's side. I feel like I stumbled on a gold mine, but I must say the show is extraordinarily beautiful.

My favorite anecdote reported on thus far is packs of unsmoked cigarettes are being left on the display case showing the diseased lung of a smoker. This show will end up being a public service for the lives it saves alone.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

Hmmm...I'm tempted to delete your replyvertisement, but as I'm desperate for replies to this blog, and you sorta actually touch on the subject of the post, I shall let you live. I mean, really - it's a corpse show, not the stock exchange!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for not deleting. Premier Exhibitions is about to open another one in NYC at the South St. Seaport (Tampa show still running to big crowds). FWIW, you commented on what I said about it being a public company and all that. Don't shoot the messgenger, but their stock is more than double and it looks like it will quadruple from here in the next year (their earnings are growing like crazy). That may not be relevant to everyone, but that is amazing in its own right. I love what they do. The shows are beautiful. Maria

Mosi Fan Tutte

6:30 AM  

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