X-News: Magneto, The Movie

X-Men's Magneto To Be Spun Off

from Cinescape

Twentieth Century Fox is moving ahead with plans for a second spin-off film from its successful X-Men franchise. Unlike the previously announced Wolverine film, based on the heroic mutant healer/beserker in the X-Men, the new film is instead based on the villain Magneto (played by Sir Ian McKellen in the two X-Men movies).

Screenwriter Sheldon Turner (The Longest Yard) will write the script for Magneto after pitching his idea, which he described as "The Pianist meets X-Men," to Fox. Magneto will be set during the character's younger years, shortly after his mutant powers of magnetism awakened. A short scene at the opening of the first X-Men movie showed a young Magneto being seperated from his family by Nazi soldiers and the child trying to return to their arms. During the struggle the young Magneto used his nascent powers to bend the metal gates separating him from his family.

Sheldon's screenplay will show Magneto seeking revenge for the murder of his family in a Nazi concentration camp, watching him discover the extent of his powers, and the start of his friendship with Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart in the X-Men films.) Xavier was an allied soldier that helped liberate the prisoners in the concentration camps during World War II. After the conclusion of the war Xavier and Magneto meet and become friends, united by their mutant powers that they hide from the public's eye. Eventually their two different perspectives on the rise of the mutants begins crumbling their friendship, turning them into rivals.

It's unclear whether McKellen would be used for the Magneto movie or even if there are any scenes set in the present day. Younger actors are likely to be cast as Magneto and the Professor during their early years.


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