Cerebro Mutant Profile 700860:

Mutant Arm Hair Care Record

from The Associated Press

Jackson, WI - Hair care is important to Jon Sanford, especially the care of one specific hair.

The Jackson, Wisconsin, man has a strand on his arm that's more than four inches long. He calls it his mutant hair.

Now, he's trying to get a Guinness record for the world's longest arm hair. The current mark stands at just less than four inches.

Jackson says he's sent all the paperwork to the Guinness people. Not everyone is impressed with his long arm hair. Jackson's mother, Sue Sanford, says it's "gross." But Jackson's daughter Molly calls it cool.

Winner: Immortalization in Sidebar!
added to: The Real Mutant Menace!
New mutant, codename Tendril
Mutant Abilities: Single, freaky-long arm hair; tickling people on elevator without trying.


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