'Query: What Do You Mean I Am "Creepy"?'

Einstein Shows Off High-Tech Ware at APEC

from AFP

BUSAN, South Korea - Korean robot makers produced a stroke of genius this week as a walking, talking Albert Einstein greeted APEC delegates at a fair exhibiting the latest in IT gadgetry.

"Albert Hubo" has the face and even an attempt at the famous hair of the German-born physicist. He is also capable of making facial expressions and displaying human-like emotions thanks to 31 hidden motors.

Shuffling about the hall of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Busan, the 54-inch robot views an array of innovations that would have brought a bemused smile to Einstein himself.

SK Telecom, Korea's biggest mobile operator, leads the charge with new wireless technology that allows mobile phone users to watch videos, listen to music, and access the Internet on the move.

If the phones were too much for technophobes, there was always the less complicated prospect of climbing on board "Hubo FX-1", a robot capable of lifting up to 90 kilograms and operated by a joystick.

Or...if it all got too much, "T-Rot" was on hand to act as a bartender and makes drinks at the customer's request, while "Kibo" could lip-sync and dance to music.


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