Indiana Jones & the Future of Star Wars

In the Future: Star Wars & Indiana Jones 4!

from ComingSoon

ComingSoon.net attended the Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith DVD junket at Skywalker Ranch on Thursday, October 6th. At the event, Star Wars producer Rick McCallum talked about both the new 3-D animated Clone Wars series and the live-action series in development.

"The animation is being done right now as we speak, it's starting to prep," McCallum said about the animated TV show. "I think George is trying to get 13 scripts done first before we really get into the pipeline of it. But that'll start happening probably at the end of March."

He added that "the live-action television series is something we're planning for just at the beginning of 2007 and we're just starting to interview writers and trying to really figure out, you know, which direction... It is going to be much darker, much grittier, it's much more character-based. He envisions somewhere like 100 hours between Episode III and Episode IV with a lot of characters that we haven't met but have been developed in other novels and other things. So, we're really excited about that because I think finally we can have the opportunity to answer everybody's questions once and for all by the time we finish the series."

Revenge of the Sith Animation Supervisor Rob Coleman was also present and talked about the two new series. "Rick and I haven't talked about it yet. I am involved in the animated series right now. We're here at the Ranch as Rick said and we're currently working on the project and I'm very excited about that. The live-action is a little further out, so we haven't had those discussions yet. But knowing George and knowing the franchise there's going to be animated characters in there, we just haven't discussed them yet."

Ian McDiarmid, who played Emperor Palpatine, was asked about possibly revisiting his character in the TV series. "Nobody really knows the details of the television series, I don't think that's because people are being particularly coy. I just think a lot of things haven't been decided yet. But I know that George's intention is to follow one of the characters who's been less highlighted up to now, but has been very popular with audiences. And sure, if it's the period between the movies, the Emperor has to be referred to. But you'll remember he was referred to often without actually appearing in the first Star Wars movie. And Peter Cushing was his very effective representative. So, I suspect there might be a number of very effective representatives, but you know, I always answer my telephone."

George Lucas was not able to attend because he was playing host for three days to 15 Tuskegee Airmen to learn about his next film, Red Tails, which he'll produce. McCallum, however, did give an update on Indiana Jones 4 as well.

"[George is] doing Indiana Jones, the script, which he should finish by Sunday. He's meeting with Steven [Spielberg] next week to try to figure out where they are going to go and what changes they want to make on it." And what else does he have in the works? "[George has] got another idea for an animated musical, which I won't tell you about, plus literally dozens of documentaries. He hasn't really focused yet on what we're going to do after we get the series started and once we get Red Tails completed."


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